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Personalization Names, Numbers & More

Precision-personalize items with custom cut vinyl - ideal for team gear, work uniforms, and more.

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This is especially an excellent solution for teams where each player has their own number, allowing you to create personalized jerseys that highlight individuality within the team's unity.

Specialty Effects

Harness the power of creativity to meticulously fashion unique and tailored products that authentically represent your brand's identity while simultaneously resonating with a broad spectrum of your valued customers.

Glitter Flake Film


3D Film

Videoflex Glitter Film

Flock Film

Electric Foil Film

Reflective Film

Neon Film

Glow Film

Hologram Foil Film

Metalic Film

Foil Film

Brick Film

Banksii Custom Apparel FAQs

Durability of Custom Names and Numbers Print Quality

At Banksii, we ensure the longevity of custom names and numbers on apparel. Our high-quality vinyl material is designed to move with the fabric and resist cracking or peeling, enduring as long as the garment itself.

Order Sizes for Custom Names and Numbers at Banksii

At Banksii, there are no minimums for orders. Whether you need a few personalized items or hundreds for a large group or event, we're equipped to provide custom names and numbers on any order size.

Setting Up Orders with Custom Names and Numbers

Organizing your custom names and numbers is effortless with Banksii’s design studio. You can personalize your items easily, setting up the names and numbers for each item in your order.

Placing an Order for PermaPress Vinyl Printing

Ordering PermaPress vinyl printing with Banksii is simple. Just call us at (425) 453 12 24 or email at, and our team will guide you through the process.

What is Foil Printing at Banksii?

Banksii's foil printing is a sophisticated two-step process. We first screen print the design with adhesive ink, then apply and heat metallic foil, creating a striking, shiny finish. This method is ideal for designs that demand a reflective or standout look.

Foil Printing FAQ

Turnaround Time for Foil Printing

Our turnaround for foil printing ranges from 2 to 5 business days, varying with the size of the order. While we do not offer free shipping, we ensure timely and efficient delivery of your order.

Size Limitations for Foil Printed Designs

We recommend a maximum print size of 12" wide x 17" tall for foil printing, suitable for most adult-sized t-shirts. For any specific or oversized printing requests, Banksii is ready to accommodate your needs.

Getting a Quote for Foil Printing

To get a detailed quote and additional information on foil printing, contact Banksii at (425) 453 12 24. Our team is happy to provide pricing and a design review to ensure foil printing meets your project's requirements.

What is PermaPress Hi-Res Vinyl Transfer?

This is nothing like your store-bought t-shirt transfer paper or a temporary solution. PermaPress is a print method where full-color images are digitally printed onto a high quality, light-weight vinyl. The image is then cut out precisely and pressed onto your apparel. What’s great about this new process is that once it is heat-applied to your apparel, the image will last for years to come...not just a couple of washes.

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